The Spectra S1 soft blue electric breast pump is designed to bring confidence and comfort to every moment of the breastfeeding journey. The S1, which is portable and quickly rechargeable for active moms, is also quiet and discreet for soothing pumping and yet weighs only 2.9lbs. With the quietest motor available for the S1Plus, which when in the “message mode” simulates the natural suckling of the baby. Spectra Baby spent years developing features for the S1 Plus like “backflow protection” to keep your breast milk from harmful bacteria, mold, and viruses while pumping. 




  • Backflow Protection technology protects breast milk and baby from bacteria, mold andviruses while pumping

  • 2 Phase Cycling with Let-Down Button provides adjustable suction and cycling in let-down and expression mode

  • Customizable pump settings to mom’s own response to follow her flow and find her best settings every time

  • Can be used as a single or double electric pump

  • Pumpis designed to be quiet while in use

  • All components that come in touch with milk are BPA-free

  • Powered by an AC Adaptor or rechargeable internal battery (both included)

  • LCD Display, timer and two-level lighting function

  • Maximum suction strength of 250mmHg

  • Set the pumping program to the speed and rhythm most effective for your body

  • The gentle 'massage mode' offers a short, shallow pump setting designed to stimulate mom's letdown reflex

  • Settings can be switched to expression mode for a deeper, slower pattern of suction which mimics baby's nursing rhythm

  • Adjustable suction settings in both letdown and expression modes

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